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Liftable Camping Barbecue Ice Fishing Portable Heating Stove

Liftable Camping Barbecue Ice Fishing Portable Heating Stove

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Style: Exquisite camping

barnd: WhotMan

Time to market: Summer 2022

Fuel type: Kerosene

Weight: 5kg

Item No.: 001-002

Style: Heating furnace

Maximum fire burning time: 15 hours

Specific specifications: 35*32*45cm

Origin: China

Average boiling time: 1 hour

Do you bring fuel?: No

Classification of picnic stoves: Oil furnace

Field cooking furnace body structure: One-piece

Applicable environment: General outdoor environment

Is there an ignition device?: No

After adding fuel, you must put out the fire. When the temperature drops, add it!!

Tips: Do not use this product in a closed environment (or use it for ventilation for a period of time)

the lifting models are 4.5L, the mesh cover model (001) is spherical, and the glass cigarette holder model (002) furnace head is cylindrical. The heating effect of glass is better than that of mesh cover.

77F is an upgraded version of 77, with stainless steel heat insulation plate added, which has thermal protection for the fuel tank and can be used for a long time without heat.

Factory Direct sales this product is suitable indoor and outdoor

1. Warm, boil water, cook rice, cook vegetables and barbecue in winter at the same time.
2. Maximum calorific value of 9000BTU/H (equivalent to 3000W), fuel consumption 0.25L per hour. It can quickly heat up a room of about 20 square meters.
3. Fuel tank capacity: 4.5L

5. The burning cigarette holder made of special metal enables kerosene to be fully burned and heated more quickly and efficiently.
This product is very popular abroad, especially in the Middle East, Europe, South Korea and Japan!
Product features:
the product has classic and fashionable appearance, generous design, convenient maintenance, and can be replaced with accessories. The burning core is made of high temperature resistant glass fiber and cotton yarn, with long service life and durability. This heater can heat, boil water, cook, cook vegetables and barbecue.

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